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Lead with an Explorer’s Mindset

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Digital Experience Speakers include:

Ronan Donovan

Photographer and
National Geographic Explorer

Michelle McGuire Christian

Managing Director and Media & Entertainment Leader,
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Andy Sandoz

Partner and Deloitte Digital Chief Creative Officer,
Deloitte UK

John Travis

VP of Brand Marketing,

You're Invited

You’re invited to join Deloitte Digital and Adobe for a digital experience that takes you on a unique journey of transformation – one that begins in the Arctic Circle.

World renowned National Geographic Explorer, Ronan Donovan, will share his experiences and perspectives on embracing the unknown to overcome challenges, disruptions, and unforeseen roadblocks he encounters as an explorer studying Arctic wolf packs in the wild. Watch Ronan’s film below.

Draw parallels between explorer traits and the mindset required to overcome challenges and achieve greatness. Get inspired. Gain a fresh perspective. Learn what it means to forge ahead as a leader in today’s unchartered business environment where executives and brands are faced with navigating the known, accepting the unknown and executing for business growth.

Hear from the best in the business on world class digital transformation strategies, approaches and solutions enabled by leading technologies that together, elevate the human experience.

Key takeaways include:

Understand the mindset it takes to endure, pivot and prosper as conditions within your environment and the market continually evolve.

Unpack the approach of a true explorer to find parallels in your own decision making and leadership qualities.

Learn how to create human and digital connections that drive customer loyalty, conversion and retention.

Better understand today's customer needs and why focusing on the human experience allows organizations and brands to win.

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